Conceptual Designs to Renovate the Existing Multi-Use Facility to Create A Permanent Sacred Space 

Our Faith is handed on to us from the many generations that have preceded us, we too must extend and ensure that that same faith can be instilled in the things we do, the things we undertake, as a community, and therefore are able to pass on to the future.

The following sketches and images present a new vision of how our temporary worship space might become a more worthy and lasting spiritual home for the parish community of Holy Spirit.

Doug Forsberg



Early Concept Design of Renovated Worship Space showing Sanctuary and possible seating layout.

Preliminary Concept Design of Sanctuary Layout with Ornamental Grille Work on Retable Wall to allow the new stained glass windows on back wall to show through into the worship space.

Comparison image of present sanctuary to integrated preliminary vision of new sanctuary.

Preliminary vision, above, of the new sanctuary looking from view from present baptismal font

Above is a Detail layout of the sanctuary, including new sacristy and Eucharistic Chapel behind it.  This design idea would have new stained glass windows in the two openings currently on the back wall.  Those windows would be in the new sacristy and the new adoration chapel.  The beautiful and dramatic light of the facetted stained glass windows would shine through into the sanctuary through the ornamental grill-work of the sanctuary's arched retablo wall.

Samples of Sacred Windows and Environments that Might Help You Imagine Holy Spirit's Permanent Worship Space:


These are some samples of the kinds of facetted stained glass windows that might adorn Holy Spirit's permanent worship space.  The intention is to have a blend of beautiful stained glass while maintaining some aspect of the picture windows so that the natural beauty of our landscape is still visually accessible.
This large facetted stained glass window is
 somewhat similar in size to the idea we
want to use        in Holy Spirit.  The perimeter
of the windows would remain clear to the view
 outside (in most cases), but the center of the
window would have a beautiful stained glass theme.  
This window is at St. Martha's Catholic Church
in Murrieta, and depicts:  Jesus at Bethany,
 In the House of His Friends: Martha, Mary, and Lazarus.

This small worship space only seats about 125 people, but is in the Mission style and incorporates ornamental grill-work into its sanctuary retablo wall that separate it from the Eucharistic Chapel behind it.  Here, the color of the beautiful stained glass windows are behind it nestled in the back sidewall (to the right and left), not directly facing you, like at Holy Spirit.  Beautiful stained glass windows integrated into the back wall at Holy Spirit, would even more dramatically bring the dancing light and color into the worship space as they would directly show through the much fuller and taller grill-work. 

More of Holy Spirit's Concept Designs:

Sketch of devotional shrine dedicated to Mary along side wall of worship space between the two tall arched windows,  including stained glass windows with a Marian theme.  A shrine dedicated to the Sacred Heart of Jesus would most likely share similar design layout and be located on the opposite wall  The chapel like feel of the devotional shrines will each accommodate  a bench, two double kneelers, and votive candles .

 Concept rendering of a Marian Devotional Shrine with: a sculpture of Mary, stained glass windows, votive candles, a bench and kneelers.

Above, is a detail for a possible Marian image for her shrine.  It depicts her at the Annunciation, full of the Spirit of God's grace, now interceding for us as she overlooks our Hemet Valley.

View of the present entry area to the worship space with concept design of new Baptismal Font and Holy Water Stoop.

Above, is a rendering of a devotional shrine dedicated to the Sacred Heart of Jesus.

Above, is a Detail of the sculpted Sacred Heart of Jesus Image.

Above, is a rendering of the Marian Shrine with Our Lady of Guadalupe theme.

Detail  of Our Lady of Guadalupe devotional image concept

Close up view of Baptismal Font with upper basin to accommodate infant baptism and Holy Water Blessing.  Water would overflow from the upper bowl down into the larger font, below.  The background shows an arched stone detail to frame the font and a metal grille-work image of the Descending Holy Spirit. One location for the font might be in the worship space, while another would be to place it in the new vestibule as you enter the church.

To get a sense of proportion of the space to actual people, this rendering shows the sanctuary area populated with figures and what might be typical for a funeral mass. (A funeral liturgy is often the time when there is most need of room at the front of the pews near the sanctuary.) 

This a comparison rendering showing the present view looking down the processional aisle towards the sanctuary, and one that integrates a preliminary idea of the new sanctuary.  The light and color in the sanctuary retablo wall comes from stain glass windows incorporated into the existing windows on its back wall; the beautiful light and color would show through the ornamental grille-work of the retablo wall that separates the sanctuary from the new sacristy and Eucharistic Chapel behind it.   

Above is a more refined idea of the sanctuary.

This rendering, above, shows the idea of the new floor plan integrating most of the enhancements to the existing worship space.

The drawing, above, shows a possible layout of the new vestibule area as you enter the church.  It includes locating the baptismal font, here, and integrating  confessionals for the Sacrament of Reconciliation in a dedicated area that the Eucharistic Chapel is presently located (it would be moved to a more prominent and special place of honor behind the sanctuary).

Above, is a sample of one pattern of ornamental grille-work that might be appropriate for the sanctuary's retablo wall.  This grille-work would provide visual accessibility to the stain
ed glass windows in the sacristy and eucharistic chapel behind it, and allow the rich color and beautiful light to shine through into the sanctuary.