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. . . In the Service of Creating Sacred Space . . .

-Providing careful thought, expertise, and consideration to each aspect of the design and renewal of   sacred space

-Integrating design sensitivity that goes beyond the mechanics of architectural design to enable    worship space to cohesively express its fundamental sacred character.

 Providing essential creative elements necessary to  articulate and present the vision: to actually see the possibilities to be realized in the creation or renewal of each sacred environment.

  -Merging practical design and construction expertise with intimate knowledge of liturgical and theological priorities grounded in the richness of Christian spirituality.

Liturgical Design & Sacred Art

-Analysis & assessment,  design study, conceptual design

- Comprehensive articulation and envisioning of liturgical space and sacred environments
-conceptual design layout, perspective renderings, floor plans, and elevations

-Client representation, facilitation,  and collaboration with project architects and general contractors to best articulate and support client interests 


-Design, fabrication, and installation of primary liturgical elements, adornments, and sacred art

-Design and production facilitation and coordination of resourced project vendors and contractors


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The sculpted sanctuary wall, the altar, and the ambo of St. Martha Catholic Church, Murrieta, California.

The sculpted tympanum for the facade of St. Paul the Apostle Catholic Church, Chino Hills, California.

Stained glass window, Yuma, Arizona.

Shrine of Young Jesus, Chapel of St. Isidore, Yuma AZ

The Crucified One (in metalwork) for the church at Prince of Peace Abbey, Oceanside, California.


Douglas Forsberg

Artist, Liturgical Consultant, Designer